USC High Performance

Student Athlete program

At USC, we see opportunity everywhere. And we see it in you.

Our High Performance Sport Athlete Program enables you to balance sport and study, with access to more than 100 different programs of study, world-class facilities, and the support you need to succeed in study and sport.

Extend yourself, gain a degree, broaden your mind and secure your future.

It is your time to rise, and shine.

USC High Performance Student Athlete Program

Succeed in study and sport:

  • Choose from more than 100 different programs of study
  • Academic support designed for elite athletes
  • Flexible schedules around competition and training
  • Exclusive access to world-class facilities
  • Sports performance clinics, support and mentoring
  • Access sports scientists and leading trainers
  • A supportive and social environment, surrounded by like-minded athletes

“The High Performance Student Athlete program lets you successfully balance sport and study without compromising your commitment in either area."

“You can increase your chance of success in both areas with good time management and commitment.

I train for around 20 hours per week (including gym and recovery sessions) and I travel frequently for competitions. Having the flexibility and understanding of my university allows me to eliminate stress factors which could hinder my performance in both areas.

While studying at USC, I hope to complete my Bachelor of Dietetics and progress towards the professional level of racing.”

Anya Louw

Australian Cycling Academy Road Cyclist studying Bachelor of Dietetics student, USC